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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Welcome to the murky world of search engine optimisation!

Everyone would love to have their website found organically by Google at the number one spot, the reality is, there is only 'one' number one slot and, no matter what any SEO 'claimed' specialist might tell you Google will never publicly release the algorithm required to decode what is required to get your website to the top, the reason? Simple, Google (and other search engines) prefer that you pay for their sponsored listings which appear above and natural (or organic) listings - Although it's a relatively well know fact that only around 7-10% of searches end up clicking those paid listings, the remainder seem to aim for genuine 'organic' listed sites with around 50% clicking #1 and gradually lowering to around 5% on #10.

One of the biggest misconceptions we come across is that people are almost being tricked in to believeing that their website comes up first when you search for their company name, well duh...Google is doing it's job delivering relative search results, how many other companies are out there with the same name?

The trick is to get to the top, or even first/second pages using search terms that people will actually look for, in other words search for 'Web Design Northallerton' and you'll find us nudging #1, or perhaps 'Web Design Middlesbrough' and we are hovering around #3, general public and businesses might not know we exist by our name so this is how we need to be found, right?

So how does this happen, how can your company get on the first page without forking out a fortune to the mighty Google but also keeping a sensible budget in mind? - Every website we design always follows Google's recommendations and we always provide at least a 'basic' onsite SEO with our designs to help get you found, although there are many other things we can do to boost your search rankings and increase your sales and website traffic, these might include:

  • Age of domain name
  • Relevance of content to search - (relevance is a big thing)
  • is the website error free and w3c compliant?
  • META data, titles, descriptions and header tags
  • How many and what quality (relevant) 'back-links' does the website have - (very important)
  • What is the page rank of the website (Google povide page rank info for all websites)
  • How often the content or website updated or refreshed

    These are just a few factors out of a huge list regarding SEO that needs to be taken into consideration - The keyword in this area is 'Natural', many webmasters are often tempted to use tools to try and trick Google into thinking it is a highly natural website but this doesn't always work and can in fact have a complete reverse effect on the goals set out.

    There are many things to discuss relating to SEO, and we have all the answers you need - Get in touch and True Religion Brand Jeans we can discuss all options for making your website SEO'd naturally, organically and ethically and help drive business your way.


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